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Web Dev Live - India

Cleaner React Apps using Hooks and Context APIs

Live on Jul 10, 2020

Coimbatore Frontend Group

GraphQL - A beginners guide

Live on Jul 11, 2020

JSFriends Conf 2020

Reactive Programing in React with RxJs

Live on Feb 10, 2020

rootconf Delhi 2020

Not Everything can fit in rows and columns

In Delhi on Jan 18, 2020

DevFest Tashkent 2019

Angular shines when it comes to scale

In Tashkent on Nov 30, 2019

GDE Summit 2019

Not everything can fit in rows and columns

In Mountain View on Oct 27, 2019

DevFest Delhi 2019

GraphQL at a Scale using Apollo, NodeJS and Angular

In Delhi on Sep 29, 2019

DevFest Punjab 2019

Migrating to TypeScript at scale using AST based codemods

In Chandigarh on Sep 28, 2019

DevFest Bangalore 2019

Migrating to Angular at scale using monorepo and Nx

Bangalore on Sep 21, 2019

DevFest Kolkata 2019

Not everything can fit in rows and columns

In Kolkata on Aug 03, 2019

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